Henna's Boutique
Thank you for visiting my online Boutique. Chances are you have already visited my traveling boutique and, more likely than not, purchased some items. These accessories serve to bring a beautifully punctuated fashion statement to any wardrobe and look. In a word, they complete your own style…whether you're headed for a board meeting, business lunch or a night on the town.

This online Boutique let's me serve you day or night and from near or far. It offers you the opportunities to add to your accessory collection or start a collection for someone else. They make splendid gifts. Henna's Boutique, look forward to introducing exciting accessories to wardrobes throughout the world.

Again, thank you, for your visit. I wish you well…I wish you fun…I wish you confidence.

                     New 2018 Product
100% Silk Scarves, with embroidered petals, and my handmade wire pendants, hammer toned






​Hand knitted scarf with glass pendant
Sports Baby Headbands​​​​​​​​

Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Redwings,​​
U of M, State, Ohio State​, Indiana 
University, Notre Dame​